November 22, 2008


Goofy is a good-natured, happy friend with a heart of gold. Ever cheerful and easygoing, the lovable Goof endears himself to everyone with his homespun charm. Though he may not always do things right, his mistakes are balanced by optimistic enthusiasm, a positive attitude, and his charmed good luck. Goofy is unfailingly loyal to his friends, a true gentleman, and a champion of good sportsmanship. His high spirits and good humor are inspirational, and no matter what Goofy gets himself into, he always manages to come up smiling.


May, 1932 – Mickey’s Revue

Past Roles:

Olympic athlete, baseball player, skier, businessman, driving instructor, firefighter, and many many more.


Sports, animals, and his friends

First Solo Project:

Goofy and Wilbur (1939)


Goofy, Jr. (son); Mrs. Goofy (wife)


7 heads tall

Favorite Phrases:

“A-hyuck”, “Whoa”, “Huh?”, “How ya doin’?”

Note of Interest:

Also known as Dippy Dawg or The Goof; Goofy has been the official mascot for the 1980 French Olympic team, 1981 spokesman for the German Sportlife Fund, and 1983 mascot for the first Wimbledon Tennis Jr. World Championship.


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